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Read and write module

  • Mfrc-522 rf IC card induction module
  • Mfrc-522 rf IC card induction module
Mfrc-522 rf IC card induction moduleMfrc-522 rf IC card induction module

Mfrc-522 rf IC card induction module

  • Weight: about 21 grams
  • Working frequency: 13.56MHz
  • Operating current: 13 -- 26mA/ 3.3v dc
  • Idle current: 10-13ma/dc 3.3v
  • Product description: Can ensure stable and reliable operation of the module, far reading distance.
[Introduction to RC522 chip]
MF RC522 is a high-integration read/write card chip used in 13.56MHz contactless communication. It is a low-voltage, low-cost, small-sized contactless card reader chip introduced by NXP for "three-table" applications. It is a good choice for the development of smart meters and portable handheld devices. The MF RC522 utilizes advanced modulation and demodulation concepts and fully integrates all types of passive contactless communication methods and protocols at 13.56 MHz. Supports 14443A compatible transponder signals. The digital part handles ISO14443A frame and error detection. In addition, it supports the fast CRYPTO1 encryption algorithm and verifies the MIFARE series of products. The MFRC522 supports the MIFARE series of higher speed contactless communication with bidirectional data rates up to 424 kbit/s. As a new member of the 13.56MHz high-integration read-write card family, the MF RC522 has many similarities with the MF RC500 and MF RC530, as well as many features and differences. It uses SPI mode for communication with the host, which helps to reduce wiring, reduce PCB board size and reduce cost.
[Introduction to RFID Module]
The MF522-AN module adopts Philips MFRC522 original chip design card reader circuit, which is easy to use and low in cost. It is suitable for users of advanced applications such as device development and card reader development, and users who need to design/produce RF card terminals. This module can be directly loaded into various reader molds. The module adopts a voltage of 3.3V, and can be directly connected with any CPU motherboard of the user through a few lines of the SPI interface, which can ensure stable and reliable operation of the module and long reading distance;
[Introduction to Electrical Parameters]
Working current: 13-26mA/DC 3.3V
Idle current: 10-13mA / DC 3.3V
Sleep current: <80uA
Peak current: <30mA
Working frequency: 13.56MHz
Supported card types: mifare1 S50, mifare1 S70, mifare UltraLight, mifare Pro, mifare Desfire
Product physical characteristics: size: 40mm × 60mm
Environmental working temperature: -20-80 degrees Celsius
Environmental storage temperature: -40-85 degrees Celsius

Relative humidity: 5%-95% relative humidity

Product support for custom development:
1. Support interface definition customization
2.Support size customization
3. Support communication interface customization

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