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Fingerprint technology is the direction of lock development

Fingerprints are unique features of the human body, and they are complex enough to provide sufficient features for identification.

To increase reliability, just register more fingerprints, identify more fingers, up to ten, and each fingerprint is unique.
Fingerprint lock scan fingerprint very fast, very convenient to use.
For the elderly with memory loss, often forget to bring the key, fingerprint lock with fingers, password, open the door quickly and easily.
Went to the supermarket to buy food, hand bags. It's very inconvenient to touch the key again. It's as simple as opening the door with your hands.
Work is stressful and you often lose your keys to work or your car. Toss back and forth, the quality of life is extremely reduced. Fingerprint code open the door whenever you want to open.
Community sports fitness, the key with it, the bag is too drum walk uncomfortable. You can't get into the house without it. In fact, a fingerprint lock completely solve the problem. Without a bunch of keys, let go.
Played mahjong home very late, the key did not bring, call the family up to open the door, affect the rest of the family members, really not worth it.
Go out social intercourse drunk go home, the key opens the door very inconvenient, fingerprint, password way opens the door easily.
Temporary home to the guests or friends, traffic jams or other entertainment can not go home in time, let the guests use the password to enter the door, the host appears gracious and generous. After the guest leaves, change and delete the password. Now there is WeChat temporary password, you can set the time and times to open the door, after a period of time will be invalid, is very convenient.
Fingerprint lock using the lock core, anti - theft coefficient for the ministry of public security after the certification of the highest civilian level. As a man, we should provide more comprehensive security protection for the family.
Careless children often lose keys, locks with locks extremely inconvenient.
Children with a key is a lot of hanging on the neck, by criminals held hostage cases have great security risks, so whether it is fingerprint lock or mechanical lock, please do not let the child with a key. For the child need not crouch the adult such as the doorway to go home and safe, change lock extremely urgent.
It is practical for users who have nannies or tenants at home. When nannies or tenants move out, their fingerprints can be deleted immediately, so they can't open the door without the right to use it. New nannies and renters, on the other hand, can be fingerprinted at any time, giving them the freedom to open their doors. Do not worry about nanny or tenant duplicate key, reduce the insecurity factor in the home.
Hotel card lock is easy to be copied and prepared (fingerprint cannot be copied, the customer can be removed after checking out, and the customer is more comfortable to check in, no longer worry about private investigators and other access)

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